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The Third Reich


The power of propaganda (masses)

Reaching the masses

The use of propaganda was vital to the achievement of Nazi objectives. Josef Goebbels, the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, created a massive propaganda machine to ensure that the Germans would support Nazi policies. Newspapers, radio, film and publication houses came under the complete control of the state. Goebbels essentially decided what Germans should believe, see, hear, read, write, print and study.

‘Racial purity’ was the central theme of Nazi indoctrination. ‘Pure Aryans’ were exalted as the ‘master race’. Jews on the other hand were portrayed as inferior and the greatest threat to the German people.

Racial purity and superiority of the ‘Aryan’ race permeated every aspect of society. All who were considered ‘racially impure’ were excluded from German society. Jews were the primary target.


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