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Public lecture: "Genocide - Only Men's Work?"- Prof Claudia Koonz, USA
15th Anniversary screening: Shimon's Returns Anne Frank: A History for Today exhibition in Muizenberg Exhibition Opening - White Rose Competition Lost Voices of the Holocaust: East-European Jewish Music in the Cape
Transformation Conversation - SA and Rwanda Anne Frank Exhibition in Hermanus Public Screening: Fateless Documentary screening: Harbour of Hope
Public lecture: Framing Children The Greyshirt Trials - 80th Anniversary Invite 20th Commemoration 2014 Eva-Schloss
Alice SommerHerz Screening No Place on Earth Everything is a Present Johann Chapoutot talk
Raoul Wallenberg lecture International Holocaust Day 2014 G Baumgartner Coexist
Medicine during the Third Reich Anne Frank A History for Today Coexist Hidden Rescue, Hidden History
Children of Chabannes Atina-Grossmann Rena quint Rozette Kats
Interfaith Madchen Damned strong love Paragraph 175
The Timekeepers A love to hide Paragraph 175 Richard & Adolf
Raoul Wallenberg - Man Amidst Inhumanity 'And then they came for me' Talmy - A film by Helen Carmel Benigson Lidice
Christopher Nupen Film Festival unesco programme draft La-Rafle The Schragenheim Collection
John Dobai Tamara Swartz A Space Between Eichmanns Men
Eichmanns Men Eva Hoffman The Children and the Bees The Brundib\E1r Project Exhibition
Ben Helfgott Rescue of the Danish Jews Holocaust Memorial Day - Mitch Braff The Jewish Community of Lithuania Today
Victims and Villains - Looted Art Pictures of Resistance Ela Weissberger Speaks Visiting Scholars Programme
Cape Town Holocaust Centre marks United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day
Holocaust survivor Shmuel Keren lights a candle in a spirit of remembrance and hope, to mark the fourth United Nations International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Read more...
Surviving History - Protraits from Vilna presents the life stories of ten individuals who survived the Holocaust in Lithuania Read more... Visions & Voices, Rights & Realities - Children in South Africa
On loan from the Children\92s Rights Centre in Durban, this exhibition highlights the abuse of children\92s rights in South Africa. Children from around the country learned to use cameras to take photographs of their life situations, showing what is real to them. Read more...

The Ernest & Renee Samson 9th Anniversary Lecture in association with The Ralph and Sue Stern Visiting Scholars Programme. Presents a lecture By Dr Tim Cole Wednesday 6th August 8pm, Albow Centre

Through the Eyes of Children
An exhibition of Children's Art from Terezin, Darfur and South Africa.

The Children's Story - Children's drawings from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-1944
These drawings represent thousands of Jewish children held prisoner by the Nazi’s at the Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Read more...

Drawings of Genocide
On exhibition in South Africa for the first time will be a collection of drawings by Darfuri children who escaped war-torn Sudan and have been living in refugee camps in neighbouring Chad. Read more...

Historical Detectives
The remarkable and poignant story of Hana’s Suitcase August 4 2008, 8pm Albow Centre
Presented by Fumiko Ishioka (curator-Tokyo Holocaust Education Centre) and Lara Brady (Niece of Hana Brady)
Read more..

Absence and Loss: An Exhibition of Photographs at the Holocaust Centre
'Absence and Loss' focuses on the remarkable number of Holocaust memorials in Berlin; on the sculptures, art installations, unusual plaques and signs that can be found in public places. Read more...

Rwanda: 13 Years After Genocide
The 7th of April 1994 saw the start of genocide in Rwanda, which saw a million people killed in 100 days. Read more...
March of the Living - National Adult Programme
It aims to challenge a new generation of Jews with two of the most significant events of Jewish history - the Shoah (The Holocaust) and the birth of the State of Israel (which will be celebrating 60 years next April). Read more...

Ernest & Renee Samson 8th Anniversary Lecture- A CRISIS OF TRUST: Law and the Judiciary in Nazi Germany
In association with the Ralph & Sue Stern Visiting Scholars Programe, the Holocaust Centre presents the Ernest & Renee Samson 8th Anniversary Lecture: A CRISIS OF TRUST: Law and the Judiciary in Nazi Germany.

IMAGINARY WITNESS: Hollywood and the Holocaust
An audience favorite at more than 50 film festivals around the world, and the centerpiece of dozens of panels and conferences at theaters, universities, and museums from Warsaw to Washington, DC, IMAGINARY WITNESS tells a provocative and mostly unknown story of the 60-year relationship between Hollywood and the atrocities of Nazi Germany. Read more...

Witnessing Darfur, a multimedia expo to raise awareness about the current humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of the Sudan.

Freud: Unveiling the 21st Century
The Exhibition - Freud: Unveiling the 21st Century
Cape Town Holocaust Centre - Seminar Room
21 November – 21 December 2006


presents a lecture: Germany post-World War II. How has the country of the perpetrators dealt with their guilt?
A personal perspective by Dr MICHAEL WACHHOLZ
Dr Wachholz has worked and studied extensively in the United States. Since January 2005 he has been involved as a researcher, translator and editor for the New York-based Rosemary Reed Film Productions, Inc. He presently has a teaching fellowship at Humboldt University, Berlin.

Cape Town Holocaust Centre Lecture by Sylvain Brachfeld Sylvain Brachfeld, a Holocaust survivor, is a well-known journalist for the Belgian and Israeli press and is an expert on Belgian Jewry.

Presentation by Stephan Kramer on 23 February, 8pm at Cape Town Holocaust Centre Cape Town Holocaust Centre
The Jewish Community In Germany Today - What does the Future Hold?
by Stephan Kramer.



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